Bali Travelogue

October 2007 


This is a short travelogue describing my trip to Bali, October 2007. You can click on any picture for a higher resolution photo. For additional insights I picked up while traveling, please check out: Travel to Enlightenment: Peru, Tibet and Bali for Personal Transformation.

tropical mist


This is what a tropical paradise looks like when you wake up at 6 AM.



Bali palm trees


Here's the view a few hours later. Notice the hash marks in the palm tree. That's so people can climb the tree easily to get the coconuts.

tropical rive in Bali


This is the walk down to the tropical river in the gorge near the spa.



 Bali tropical river


This is the beautiful river that ran through the gorge at the base of the spa. Click here for a video of the tropical river in Bali.


massage hut Bali


Not a bad place to get a massage! You can hear the river below, while you're relaxing.


tropical spider in Bali


In a tropical paradise, even the spiders are beautiful! This variety is not poisonous.


spider with orb


If you click on the image to get a close up, you'll see that even the spiders come with orbs!


jungle hillside in Bali



This is a typical jungle hillside, perhaps a bit more lush than some.


dolphin in Bali


You may have to click on the image to see the school of dolphin swimming by. There were several schools with 10-14 dolphin in each group.

swimming with dolpin



Swimming with the dolphin was lots of fun.  They kept sticking their noses under my butt and carry me along for a ride.

Git Git waterfall Bali



This is the famous Git Git Waterfall.


Git Git waterfall with orbs in Bali



Another shot of the Git Git Waterfall. There are tons of spectacular orbs in this picture. Click here to watch the Git Git Waterfall Orb. It materializes while I'm filming!


rice fields in Bali



Here are some beautiful rice fields. They are terraced to allow for flooding of the crops.


fruit bats


Notice the black blobs hanging from the trees, right in the center of this image. These are fruit bats, waiting for nightfall.


fruit bats flying


It's now dusk and the bats are starting to fly around.


fruit bat up close


This is what a fruit bat looks like up close.


Bali coral reef


This is the view of the coral reef from above.


infinity pool



This is a hotel where we ate lunch. I love pools that seem to drop off into the ocean.


huge black bee


You'll need to click on this image to see the huge black bee pollinating the flower.


Christine with elephant


Christine with her new friend at Elephant Safari Park, an eco-tourism operation which works to build up the dwindling Indonesian elephant.

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