Peru Travelogue

June 2006 


These are a few of my favorite pictures from our Sacred Journey to Peru. Click on any of them for a higher resolution photo. For additional insights I picked up while traveling, please check out: Travel to Enlightenment: Peru, Tibet and Bali for Personal Transformation.



This is an alpaca. It's hair is used to make sweaters, hats, blankets, gloves, etc. It is softer than lambs wool.


Qero EldersThese friends of mine are Qero Elders. They escaped into the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu when the Spaniards invaded. They avoided contact with the "civilized world" until 1959.

ceremonial offering

The Qero Elders are preparing for a ceremony. They use whatever colorful materials they can find.



condor shaped walls


Notice the condor shaped rock formation.


Incan face on the mountain at Ollantaytambo



You can see the profile of the Incan face on the side of the mountain at Ollantaytambo.




This is the view of Ollantaytambo from afar.


Machu Picchu


This is the magnificent Machu Picchu. The peak behind the ruins is Huayna Picchu.


mountain backdrop near Machu Picchu


This picture of Christine offers a fantastic view of the mountain jungle surrounding Machu Picchu.


mountain view from Machu Picchu



More mountain jungle surrounding Machu Picchu.


Machu Picchu


Kirsten, Christine and Leslie pose with Machu Picchu in the background.


doorway to Machu Picchu


Donna entering the gate to Machu Picchu. Many of us could sense "welcoming vibrations" in the rocks.


atop Machu Picchu

This picture with Kirsten, Christine and Leslie was taken right after our amazing meditation at the Sun Temple. You can read what happened at: It's About the Journey.

meditating in the Goddess Temple at Huayna Picchu


Mark meditating in a unique chair in the Goddess Temple on Huayna Picchu.


reed boats at the Uros Islands Lake Titicaca


These are the reed boats built by the people of the Uros islands, located in Lake Titicaca.


Uros Islanders at Lake Titicaca


Here's a group picture with the Uros islanders. The entire island and everything on it is made of reeds. It's like walking on an air mattress.

Amaru Muru doorway Peru


This is the Aramu Muru doorway. The energy in the right is masculine and the left is feminine. Once you're "balanced" you can  travel to different worlds.

condor head rock formation


This is the condor rock outside Lake Titicaca.


fertility garden


Women who have trouble getting pregnant come to this fertility garden, but this fertility garden can be used to manifest anything. Soon after her visit, Leslie had a new boyfriend.


sunrise over Lake Titicaca


This is a spectacular sunrise over Lake Titicaca, as seen from our hotel lobby.


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